Step 6 - List of Qualifying Expenditures

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Here are some examples for Qualifying Expenditures if you are getting stuck.

  • general electrical installation and wiring to supply electricity;
  • General lighting;
  • hot/cold water system (pipes, water tanks etc);
  • gas system;
  • kitchen fittings (sinks, pipes etc);
  • sanitary fittings (toilet bowls, urinals, plumbing, toilet cubicles, vanity tops, wash basins etc.);
  • doors, gates and roller shutters (manual or automated);
  • fixed partitions (glass or otherwise);
  • wall coverings (such as paint, wall-paper etc.);
  • floorings (marble, tiles, laminated wood, parquet etc.);
  • false ceilings and cornices;
  • ornamental features or decorations that are not fine art (mirrors, drawings, pictures, decorative columns etc.);
  • canopies or awnings (retractable or non-retractable);
  • windows (including the grilles etc.);
  • fitting rooms in retail outlets;
  • hacking work on premises New!;
  • water meter installed to enable renovation works New!;
  • hoarding works New!; and
  • insurance for renovation works qualifying for S14Q deduction New!.

Deductions are not allowed on expenditure relating to:

  • any designer fees or professional fees;
  • any antique;
  • any type of fine art including painting, drawing, print, calligraphy, mosaic, sculpture, pottery or art installation; or
  • any works carried out to a place of residence provided to or to be provided to employees.

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